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IOT Process

Connecting an object to the internet requires the 4 following distinguished steps

Data acquisition

The power to stay connected

Benefit from IOT Express expertise to implement best technology onto your products. Choose right communication protocols and implement efficient embedded software

Data storage

The power to stay owner of your data

Connect your product to the IOT Express cloud platform using any of the data transfer technologies. Store and remain owner of your data in your cloud environment.

Data Analytics

The power to reduce complexity

Use advanced IOT Express analytics and learn from your data. Many mathematics operators are made available to help you step into artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance.


The power to improve user experience

Monitor your products with IOT Express streaming and alert functionalities or using data history. Store and share products data within your team and your customers.

Want to implement
IOT processes ?

Platform value

  • Covers all IOT Process from data acquisition to data access
  • Supports MQTT and HTTPS communication protocols
  • Easy to use and fast to implement
  • Embedded stand alone cloud solution
  • Offers an API for legacy systems integrations

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Speed up your process

You don't need to be an IT expert to launch and manage your IOT project or invest in extra expensive hardware. With IOT Express platform, easily connect and monitor your products to the internet and speed up your project return on investment

Get closer
to your customers.

Benefits per industry

IOT Helps you reach new significant competitive advantages

Industrial equipment benefits

  • Reduce products down time with predictive maintenance
  • Improve customer efficiency with accurate data analytics
  • Service offering such as training and consumables
  • Reduce warranty cost with online product monitoring
  • Better business proximity with customers
  • PaaS (Product as Service) business model enablement
  • Get accurate data analytics for product improvement

Transportation benefits

  • Improve your products with analytics issued from the field
  • Provide your customers with fleet management solution
  • Reduce warranty cost with online product monitoring
  • Better business proximity with customers
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